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Rhyne Management Assoc., Inc. Rental Property Management Specialists - Wake County Rental Homes, Raleigh Rental Homes, Cary Rental Homes

Property Management Services

About Our Company

Founded in 1970, Rhyne Management Assoc., Inc. has become the Raleigh/Cary Area leader in the professional management of residential rental properties. We are committed to the delivery of quality residential investment management services with an emphasis in the management of duplexes, town homes, condos, smaller apartment communities, and single family homes.

We specialize in the North Raleigh, East Raleigh, West Raleigh and Cary markets, with over 1400 units under management. Rhyne also manages over 250,000 square feet of office and retail space in Wake County. Our offices are conveniently located in N. Raleigh, W. Raleigh and Cary. Property Management is our only business.

Our success lies in offering you the reliable, efficient property management service that you deserve. Our experienced team of specialists gives us superior expertise in: marketing, collections, maintenance supervision, tenant relations, data processing, and funds management.


We aggressively market property listings through extensive printed, on-line, and signage strategies. Our expanded photo-exclusive web site and automated RENTAL HOTLINE systems gives prospective tenants detailed access to vacancy listings day and night. Extensive utilization of newspaper advertising (Raleigh News and Observer), apartment finder publications, university directories, brochures and on site information listing boxes, are all standard procedures. Office hours are seven days a week and our phones answered by a trained professional individual 24-hours every day.

Quality tenant screening is a high priority. So also is the maintenance of your investment property. The licensed and experienced Property Specialists at Rhyne Management Assoc., Inc. take these responsibilities seriously. You will work directly with the property manager responsible for the day to day coordination of your investment real estate. Your Property Specialist will continuously gauge the market for your property's highest potential rent rate that a quality tenant will support.

In addition, a property maintenance coordinator, with years of in-the-field experience, will be your and your tenant's resource for property repair, maintenance, and on-site inspection related issues.

Rhyne Management Assoc., Inc. does not benefit financially in any way from maintenance or repair work that may be required to maintain a property under management. All maintenance activities are subcontracted to experienced, fully insured, repair companies with whom we have established a history of quality workmanship practices and volume pricing arrangements.

Professional Pride

Our twelve member team of property specialists and support staff include eight North Carolina Licensed Real Estate Professionals. Our team members represent many years of experience in property management and with Rhyne Management Assoc., Inc. Over half of the staff has been with the company in excess of ten years. We take pride in the professional services we offer. Whether you have one or one hundred investment properties, Rhyne Management Assoc., Inc. will deliver the same efficient, courteous service.

Additional information concerning property management services can be obtained by contacting either Jesse Sorrell jsorrell@rhynerentals.com or Jo Pittman jpittman@rhynerentals.com, office manager, in the Raleigh office at (919) 787-9375. We look forward to serving your property rental and management needs.

Rhyne Management Associates,  Your Full Service Property Manager,
Provides These Services And More...

  • Extensive Marketing of Vacant Properties
    - Newspaper (Raleigh News & Observer) individual ads and general
    - The Apartment Book (quarterly finder publication) - specific and general
    - NCSU Directory
    - Expanded photo-inclusive web site with unit details
    - Automated rental hotline with recorded property details
    - MLS Listing on selected properties
    - On-site information flyer boxes
    - On-site Signs - highly visible and descriptive
    - Saturday and Sunday office hours

  • Careful Tenant Screening
    - Extensive application and interviewing process
    - Credit bureau reports - computer accessed
    - Tenant history confirmations
    - Employment and income verifications
    - Minimum income criteria

  • Effective Maintenance Operations
    - In-house experienced maintenance coordinator
    - No financial benefit to Rhyne Management Assoc., Inc.
    - Experienced subcontractors with proven tract records
    - Low cost competitive bidding
    - Volume pricing arrangements
    - Timely repair response with management follow-up procedures
    - 24 hour emergency response - on call

  • Rental Income Control
    - On going market analysis for optimum rent
    - Aggressive lease renewal offering procedures
    - 60 day move-out notice provision
    - Move-out notice personal "follow-up to keep" procedures
    - Late notices, late fees and aggressive eviction procedures
    - Lost rent collection efforts - credit bureau & court system

  • Computerized Accounting Functions
    - Monthly detailed cash flow and activity statements (YARDI SYSTEMS)
    - Will direct deposit or disburse by check
    - Year-end 1099 tax statements
    - Annual budgeting
    - Will pay if authorized: association dues, insurance and taxes.

  • Tenant Relationships
    - Individual attention for tenants
    - Responsive to tenant concerns

  • Routine Inspections
    - Move-in/move-out inspections at tenant turnover
    - Properties inspected twice yearly
    - "Report back system" from maintenance subcontractors

Properties We Manage

Duplexes - Triplexes - Four-plexes

Single Family Homes

Condos & Townhomes

Small Apartment Communities

Flexspace - Offices Warehouse Space

Retail/Shopping Center

General Commercial

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